About Us

Proudly founded and handmade in Canada!

As we got into fitness and nutrition, we adapted to a low-carb lifestyle. It just brought us more energy. Gone are the days of afternoon slumps caused by blood sugar crashes after a pasta meal, and we’ve even lost a few pounds here and there. 

So we found ourselves looking for low-carb foods, opting for sugar-free variations, or even looking at keto and paleo options.

Turns out, “No sugar added” often meant artificial sweeteners were used instead. 

But heck, we gave those a try anyways. Then we found ourselves thirsty, craving more sugar, and just uncomfortable in general. May we also add that the artificial sweeteners didn’t quite taste like the real thing anyways?

After a determined search for low carb low sugar alternatives to our favourite foods that were also free of artificial sweeteners, we realized that there pretty much were none. 

We just wanted something that was truly sugar free, sweetener free, something that was pure nutrition that can fuel us with lasting energy.

Something that is plainly good.

So whether you’re a fitness guru, a health and nutrition junkie, or a sufferer of diabetes, our products are here to serve you. They are truly unsweetened, ready for your own customized recipes.